Are you a web series creator who is trying to land a hot distribution deal with a curvy budget, but you lack the PUA stylings to successfully seduce that special studio? And were you not able to grab a ticket to the December Tubefilter Hollywood Web TV Meetup before the event sold out? Well, we have just the live stream for you.

Tune in right here, right now, because we’re answering all your questions and broadcasting our ‘Going Pro’ panel live from Bubsy’s East!

Many producers dream of scoring a studio deal. It must be nice, right? When someone else is taking care of all financing, marketing, and distribution, can’t you finally just focus on creating something awesome? But what is it really like when a studio gets involved? And how do you get a studio interested with your production in the first place?

Find out from these creators and studio heads just what it takes to go pro. Learn what it’s like directing, producing and starring in a studio-backed web series, and hear what the Hollywood suits are looking for in their next online video project.

Going Pro Panel:

  • Eric Berger , Senior Vice President of Digital Networks at Sony Pictures Television
  • Mark Gantt, Executive Producer, Writer, and Star of Sony Crackle’s The Bannen Way
  • Jesse Warren, Executive Producer, Writer, and Director of Sony Crackle’s The Bannen Way
  • Chris McCaleb, Partner, Big Fantastic (Prom Queen, Sorority Forever)
  • Ryan Wise, Partner, Big Fantastic (Prom Queen, Sorority Forever)
  • Larry Tanz, President, Vuguru
  • Moderator: Marc Hustvedt, Editor-in-Chief, Tubefilter News

Watch LIVE now at Want to ask the panel a question? Head to the chat room on Stickam or tweet us @tubefilter with the hashtgag #tubefilter. And one more special thanks to our good friends at Stickam for making the live stream possible.

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