Fear NewsFEARnet’s new horror news series, Fear News has everything we’d expect from a decent terror flick—midriff flaunting ingénue, creepy animatronics and chase sequences. Only our young heroine is actually delivering the horror news—from within a horror set.

It’s the Rocketboom of horror. Only the young anchor-at-a-desk motif is supplanted with the darker dregs of an fictionalized horror set. Each week is different horror set theme, with last week being slasher film and the latest (above) in a ghost flick.

When this idea was first thrown around earlier this summer, I’ll admit I had my doubts. The concept seemed a little too hokey to deliver any sort of genuine tension. But so far it delivers, much the same way as any run-of-the-mill slasher flick keeps us watching to see how the inept leads somehow slip away.

The brains behind Fear News are creators Jack Conway and Matthew Mercer, known in the web series world for his Super Mario inspired There Will Be Brawl series. The duo tapped There Will Be Brawl’s stunner Ginger Marie Rogers as “The Last Girl” host—the one that somehow manages to escape alive at the end of every movie.

“This show is a dream come true for Matt and I, because we get to talk about the only kind of news that matters to us, and we get to shoot a different genre of horror film every week,” wrote Conway, a self-described horror nut,  in a recent blog post. New episodes of Fear News are released every Friday.

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