There is no MPAA for web series (yet), so that leaves sites like us with the job of throwing down the “moderately-NSFW” tag for series like this one. (In this case, headphones at the office should suffice.)

Take a couple of hungry, web savvy NYU Tisch grads and throw them into the scripted web series world and you get a promising looking comedy Ryan & Collinwhich premieres later this week on the 19th.

The setup of the project is a classic nice guy/bad boy college roommate duo. Ryan (Rob Mor) is the hard working nice guy who’s constantly tempted by his devious roommate Collin (Craig Knowlton)

The four-man 20/20 Pictures team, which includes Mor and Knowlton, are all former NYU film school friends. It’s clear they put a little more polish into this one than most of the college age indies. They even have their one-liner pitch ready at the hip: “If Family Guy had sex with Arrested Development and had a baby.”

But in an ever-crowded field of web series entrants, it’s pretty clear these guys went the the raunchy side to stick out. “The internet is undeniably the next frontier for motion picture story-telling but on it, you’re competing with everything from a sneezing panda to every fetish ever conceived so, to stand out, as filmmakers we felt like we really had to take a bold creative stand,” said producer John Logan Pierson.

The series will debut a batch of episodes on Thursday, with weekly releases for the following five weeks. Like most indie series, the hope is to drive some serious attention to help score a larger distributor (like say, or, dare we say, an ambitious sponsor?

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