Judd Apatow - Funny or DieJudd Apatow is letting the internet interview him, live, on Funny or Die’s Writers Room series this Wednesday at 12:30 PST. They are taking questions for the famed comedy writer-director (Superbad, Anchorman, Pineapple Expresson Facebook and so far 160 people have submitted their pressing inquests. From the looks of it, this could be worth a new lunchtime browser window. Over/Under on number of Freaks and Geeks questions is 4.

Some highlights:

Would you ever consider making us a good, R-Rated cartoon? Far too few of them. (Jim Moore)

The Three Men and a Baby trilogy will be finishing up with Three Men and a Bride, fans of the trilogy are dying to know if you will be working on this much awaited project? (Dave Hanson)

How come “Walk Hard” tanked so hard? That one was kinda not too shitty. And when I say “not too shitty”, I mean “I could still smell the shit that was ‘Walk Hard’, I just couldn’t see it on-screen.” (Dave Betten)

Have you thought about how the lives of some characters from Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared have turned out? If so, what are the scenarios? (Ariel Greenspoon)

We met in San Francisco years ago and you chastised me saying (actually yelling) that in order to find success I need to leave my hometown…do you still believe that? If I move back to LA will you hire me? how about my daughter?
AND do you find being bearded intimidates people? (Curtis DeMartini)

Incidentally, Apatow actually got his comic start with his own interview series back in high school where he managed to score interviews with upcoming comics like Jerry Seinfeld, Steven Wright and Howard Stern.

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