'Star Wars Gangsta Rap' Saga Continues With 'Chronicles'

By 11/10/2009
'Star Wars Gangsta Rap' Saga Continues With 'Chronicles'

Star Wars Gangsta Rap ChroniclesIt started in July of 2003. Star Wars Gangsta Rap hit AtomFilms.com (now just Atom) and captured over 4 millions views for the animated rap parody of the George Lucas masterpiece. It was arguably the most popular of the site’s annual Star Wars Fan Film Challenge, a yearly contest (since 2002) sanctioned by Lucasfilm. Gangsta Rap creators at flash animation Bent TV Productions—Jason Brannon, Chris Crawford and Thomas Lee—followed it up in 2004 with Star Wars Gangsta Rap: Special Edition.

Now 10 million views and what seems like an online eternity later, MCs Vader, Skywalker, Palpatine and Trooper are back for the latest episode Star Wars Gangsta Rap: Chronicles. Not surprisingly, it’s the first finalist announced for Atom’s 2010 Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge.

Even with the dearth of the Death Star flow, the Ottawa-based Bent TV guys have been busy these past few years, getting hired on by Weird Al for his “I’ll Sue Ya” video and even by 20th Century Fox to promote an X-Men DVD release with X-Men Gangsta Rap.

As for the winners of the Fan Movie Challenge, we’ll have to wait a little bit it seems. Atom tells us they will be announced at Lucas’s next Star Wars Celebration, the all-things-Star Wars Con, where they will be announced this year instead of at Comic Con.