Coin-Op TV Live

Days until Oct. Tubefilter Web TV Meetup: 5

Number of episodes of Coin-Op TV: 105

Regular readers will remember back in July when we spelled out 4 Ways to Make the Most of the Tubefilter Web TV Meetup. It’s worth dusting off and reading again if you’re even thinking about attending. (And if you’re in LA next week, you better have a good excuse if we don’t see you there.) Number 1 on that list was “Do Your Homework!” and that means finding out more about our stellar panelists. Today we’re taking a closer look at Coin-Op TV Live, who’s co-host Hailey Bright will be on the Going LIVE! panel. (RSVP here)

Coin-Op TV Live

The hour-long live video gamer series, hosted and created by Robert Welkner dates all the way back to 2004 when it launched as a video podcast. In fall of 2006 the series became one of the first shows on the all-live web TV network, which gave it a new home and larger set.

Coin-Op TV LiveLike most live shows on, including Streamy-nominated Monkey News Source, the hosts interview guests and make heavy use of the live chatroom audience that accompanies the live stream. For Coin-Op TV, it’s all about interviewing top game creators, luminaries, designers and yes, even some hardcore gamers like Project Lore host Alex Albrecht, The Guild’s Sandeep Parikh and Legend of Neil star Tony Janning. Not all of their guests can make it to their LA-based studio, so Welkner and Bright are known to setup live video interviews across the world via Skype, working in real-time trivia with viewers using Twitter and the chatrooms.

Now 105 episodes in, the Coin-Op crew which includes founder Brian Gramo (who is also on the Meetup panel), have live streaming down to a science. During Monday’s Going LIVE! panel, we’ll dig into the specifics of what it takes to pull of a multi-camera live stream. If you have questions for the Coin-Op TV team, fire them over to us @tubefilter on Twitter.

The twosome of Welkner and Bright, who play off each other deftly, are often spotted outside of the studio too, hitting up events like Comic-Con, Blizzcon and Penny Arcade Expo (PAX). Bright even was tapped this winter as IGN’s Babe of the Day.  Last week as Hailey hit the two-year anniversary mark on the show, some of her fans decided to show how much they adore her with a little video:

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