10 Things You Should Do Before You Upload Your Web VideoWeb video creator (and evangelist) Tim Street launched his first eBook today, “10 Things You Should Do Before You Upload Your Online Video,” giving an easy-to-digest, and free, checklist of things to do before clicking the upload button. The veteran web series producer recently rolled out his latest French Maid TV episode with sponsor Dimdim on board and knows a thing or two about putting out web series and viral videos.

The 10 tips come with specific examples and solid commentary explaining what he’s talking about. Otherwise tip #2, “Create Key Art That Sells” could mean talking to this guy. And of course we’re partial to tip #6, which talks about building relationships with sites that cover web series. (hint, hint) Couldn’t have said it better:

DON’T BE A “SEAGULL” – A seagull is someone who shows up, poops and leaves. For those of you who didn’t understand that, it means don’t Tweet or make a comment on someone else’s blog about how great your show is. Stop, listen to the conversation that’s going on, and then keep that conversation going by adding something valuable to it that isn’t about you. Don’t try and redirect it.

Street is also hosting a webinar this Thursday which he’s running as an online class on How to Make Money with Funny Videos, and the free eBook is presumably serving as promotional tool for the paid webinar. But either way, it stands on its own a much needed cheat sheet for would-be web series stars wondering why their “spray and pray” methods aren’t getting anywhere.

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