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When your online series is called Titsburg!, you don’t very much need the subtitle “a (dirty) web show.” The audience already knows it’s in for something risque. Creators Tavon Bolourchi and Chioke Nassor, along with pal Kristen Holbrook, could’ve gone with a tagline a touch more descriptive. Their program certainly is dirty and definitely NSFW, but Titsburg! is far more ‘naughty’ than ‘nasty.’

Take “Boys Nite,” the sharpest and most hilarious of Titsburg’s seven episodes (not including the trailer or the “Behind the Scenes!”) that plays out like a version of Pee-wee’s Playhouse where Paul Reubens’ indecent exposure is actually part of the show. With their female roommates having flown the coop, Chester (Nassor) gets busy with their teddy bears, and then cajoles Tavon (Bolourchi) into a session of oral sex, but it’s all in good fun. Like an adult version of Playhouse There’s no nudity, no animals were harmed

The quickie episodes are in the half to one minute range, with the exception of the more plot heavy Sassy Gay! (a whopping 2:15), in which Tavon and Chester turn over-the-top dress and makeup, along with snarky flamboyance, into a trick to bypass the line at the nightclub.

Tavon’s role model was the tux-wearing, gay ‘Mafioso’ who had slapped and dissed his way directly through the head of the line the night prior. That both Tavon and Chester wanted to play the ‘man,’ and neither was willing to play the ‘lady’ in their pseudo-transvestite night on the town winds up being their downfall (that both Bolourchi and Nassor were in beard-mode during this episode is an added comic touch).

Otherwise, the episodes include light and amusing riffs on whether or not a woman can be too excited; the best way for Kasey (Holbrook) to keep bodily fluids out of her eyes (here, the pirate eye patch makes a divine cameo); and the “worst things to hear after sex,” aka “Bad Sex,” which are played out in bed with a ragtime-y, vaudevillian soundtrack, all of which sounds much funnier on paper.

Titsburg!’s two writer/director/stars are surprisingly talented and they’ve got chemistry to boot (and the same goes as well when Holbrook joins in). At a half-minute a piece, the episodes both make for a good reel and are a perfect jolt of comedy for that brief work break (though I dare you to watch just one). The sophomoric tendencies are so muted by charm and a certain subtle wink-winkiness that there’s no need to forgive anyone for even a moment.

Check it out at TitsburgComedy.com.

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