MacAwesome promoWe were messing around on YouTube recently, cause that’s what we do, and stumbled across a curt little promo video of a flabby fellow running through a field lugging an old TV. Turns out this ‘TVs are heavy‘ lesson was a promo for an upcoming web series, though it might as well be our new Tubefilter mantra. Unabashed. Stalwart. Practical.

Promos are key to snatching attention in an ever-crowded sea of budding web series, and the guys behind MacAwesome only needed to 36 seconds to grab ours. Co-creator Graham Bowlin plays Shannon Abercrombie, the twentysomething bonehead 80’s TV jogger in the spot. As it turns out, the series isn’t just another clan of ironically-dressed acting class buddies riffing each other. It’s actually one of the few web series centered around an underage kid.

Josh Dove in MacAwesomeThat becomes a little more obvious in the second promo (below), a longer form intro to homeschooled protagonist Josh Dove. The 17 year-old high school senior has to survive life at an actual school with an assortment of oddball characters. That, and he’s trying to land the lead role in the school play (Shakespeare’s Macbeth) to score his dream girl (Sydney Shepherd).

For half of the team behind the series, Bowlin and director Andrew Mitchell, MacAwesome is actually their second web original, having made the zombie comedy series American Heart last year that also found a home on KoldCast. The two, along with their Waffle Feast Media partners Cameron Strittmatter and Daniel John Lerch, all teamed up in North Carolina while at UNCSA film school.

MacAwesome is due out this fall on KoldCast TV, and for now there are just a few promos and a Facebook fan page to check in on. And there’s also this coffeehouse video of star Sydney Shepherd who is also quite the singing prodigy.

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