The human body is a beautiful thing so when people cover it up with clothing it really bums me out.  I basically walk around in pants and no shirt everywhere I go which is unsettling to some people but I just think to myself, ‘there will never be any lint in my belly button.’

The Shaman, during a recent interview with staffers.

The Shaman - Jason NashUninhibited, enlightening, ridiculous – comedian Jason Nash’s latest character The Shaman is like that guy you should have left at Bonnaroo.

It’s hard not to watch this cosmic train wreck of a man trying desperately to maintain an ephemeral existence surrounded by the sobering responsibilities of modern Los Angeles life. That’s really just a fancy way of saying he’s a lazy roommate.

The other end of that roommate coin is Matt Price, a comedian Nash has worked with on his basement podcast, Guys With Feeling, and who capably pulls of the straight man to Nash’s joker. Nash steps up with a decently unique spin on the Will Ferrell-popularized flabby everyman-on-a-mission routine. He’s the mushroom-toting hippy version that the more jocky Ferrell hasn’t nailed yet.

For more on the production and secret tidbits of the series, take another look at our interview with Jason earlier this spring, where we learned, amongst other things, that he cast his director, Mike Blieden‘s super funny wife and Roommating star Erin Gibson as The Shaman’s love interest.

While we’re a little ambivalent in general about the value of in-character tweets from even our favorite web series, this might be an exception to the rule. If you’re going to do it, treat those precious tweets as shooting-script comic gems, like The Shaman’s suprisingly addictive Twitter musings.
The Shaman on Twitter

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