In the life I live when I close my eyes, Giada De Laurentiis is my girlfriend. We eat leftovers from tapings of Everyday Italian and watch the sunset from our beachside, open-air Malibu breakfast nook while discussing in English and a variety of broken romance languages how Batali and Paltrow need to learn to keep their revelry to a minimum. Yes, she makes me watch Big Night a little too often, and yes, we get in fights because she hardly ever cooks for me, but all that’s OK because she’s the object of my deepest infatuation since I graduated Jr. High and stopped watching Singled Out.

She’s perfect, though I can see someone (especially the savvy fanboy behind this site) make an argument that there are at least a couple aspects of Giada that could use improvement:

1) She uses too many ingredients when she cooks.
2) She’s wearing too much clothing.

And that’s where Kerrilee Kaski enters the kitchen.

The Tasty Blonde is for the man who doesn’t know the Joy of Cooking but loves him some eye candy. A smokin’ number who’s played a homewrecker on TV and graced the pages of many a men’s magazine, Kaski teaches viewers simple dishes and life skills with the intent to educate the culinary challenged on how to use the kitchen to get some action in the bedroom.

The concept of Hot Girl + Information – Clothes = Entertainment is nothing new to the web. Even before French Maid TV, Bikini News, and Foxxy News there was Naked News (a program with “nothing to hide” since 2000). But though we’ve seen this gimmick before it doesn’t mean The Tasty Blonde is without potential.

Kaski’s cute-as-buttons and confident demeanor provides a friendly voice for those troubled by food preperation. If her dishes are any good (it’s hard to tell right now because, while new, more detailed episodes are being filmed, only the bare bones pilot exists on Ohso.TV), I expect The Tasty Blonde to garner a sizable audience. As Tim Street knows, combining useful knowledge and sex appeal is a recipe (sorry) for hits.

I recently caught up with Kerrilee and asked her how the concept came to be and if she really loves getting her hands dirty in the kitchen.

Tilzy.TV: How’d you come up with The Tasty Blonde?

Kerrilee Kaski: My original partner and I were discussing the fact that there are no “hot chick” cooking shows. Not to mention there were no cooking shows catered directly to men. I did all kinds of research and found that just as many men watch the Food Network during Primetime hours as women. had done a poll and found that the #1 turn-on according to women is when a man cooks for them. It seemed like a no brainer! I now knew it was my duty to show these men how to cook a “meal to seal the deal!” I like to call it “a little much for the manly bunch.”

Tilzy.TV: Where do you get the recipes?

Kaski: My mother is a caterer. She is a self-made chef. Where most kids grew up on mac n’ cheese and brownies from a box, my mother always made us delicious homemade meals that were from family recipes. She was always in the kitchen cooking something incredible. I would often help her prepare for her catering jobs. In a way, I owe it all to my Mommy. I collaborate with her on the recipes and put my own twist on it. We will not be just doing meals, but specialty cocktails, wine pairings, BBQing, deserts, ect.

I am not a professional schooled chef, however I have a passion for delicious food. I am embarking on a fantastic journey of culinary adventures. I would like for my audience to learn from me and with me, as I develop new recipes, master meals, make mistakes, and more importantly have a BLAST!!!

Tilzy.TV: Do you cook a lot when you’re not The Tasty Blonde?

I LOVE to cook, and I LOVE to eat! I am extremely passionate about eating. My friends always joke with me. They claim when I eat, it is like a theatrical production. When I enjoy food, there is a lot of “OOOHing” and “AHHing.” I always sell everyone in the room, and convince them to try whatever food I’m tasting.

Tilzy.TV: Who’s the show produced by? Who’s involved?

Kaski: The premiere episode of The Tasty Blonde was originally produced and created by David Jones and me. For future episodes, is on board as the host and new production partner.

Tilzy.TV: What’s your relationship with Ohso.TV? How’d you find each other?

Kaski: is an exclusive on-line network that hosts many different forms of entertainment (Web series, music, short films, ect.). At the moment, they’re taking The Tasty Blonde under their umbrella of advertising. is launching a web marketing campaign to show The Tasty Blonde to the world. This partnership is in the process of filming new and exciting installments for the web series and are looking for sponsorship and endorsements.

The The Tasty Blonde first came to know through my original on-line partner, WBM is an on-line interactive women’s magazine that is written by men. They have believed in The Tasty Blonde for some time and connected The Tasty Blonde with

Catch Kerrilee Kaski in teddys and in the kitchen at Ohso.TV.

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