Let’s get this straight, Angels: Local 437 gives us two angels, Nate and Joel, in their winged, white tuxedos bantering back and forth for approximately three minutes. And…? That’s all? I’m not sure I’m entertained.

Granted, there have only been two episodes so far, but all we have is an okay premise and zero action. It’s just two guys talking about their jobs in heaven. Because they’re angels.

This show comes from Toronto-based Lifeforce TV (which also produceds Canadian tech-centric Byte Club, gossipy Table Topics, and realationship/dating/sexual advice show Men’s Room). The name makes it sound christian-based, but I can’t find any info that would confirm or deny my suspicions.

Regardless, Angles is about two angels (both played by men – Tom Barnett and Ennis Esmer – though I think “true” angels don’t have seuxal organs or are eunuchs or something like that) who, on their lunch break from whatever it is they do in heaven, discuss the pros and cons of their employment.

The “Heaven is a big, white collar office in the sky” theme has been executed brilliantly by God, Inc. and Mr. Deity. Unfortunately, with a pretty set but no apparent plot and little action, Angels: Local 437 doesn’t entertain nearly as much as its predecessors.

The only amusing part occurred in episode 2 when Nate, the malcontent angel, complained about Jesus trying to run things in heaven, much to his dismay. The manner in which Nate mocked Jesus’ protests, “Don’t do that, my Dad wouldn’t like it!” and, “Why? Because my Dad said so!” were reminiscent of a bratty child. The writers also toss in a few clever puns, but again, without the benefit of any action, it all falls flat.

What I’d like to see from the show is less Abbot & Costello sitting and chatting and more Old Testament G*d. If Nate is going to get away with badmouthing the organizational apparatus of heaven, then we need to see more wrath from an omniscient and awesomely wrathful Holy Father.

In the same spirit, if Joel continues to walk the righteous path, I demand some Job-like treatment, or at least send him to Earth to sacrifice a living member of his family as a test of his faith. Come episode 3 (new episodes air each Tuesday) there better be all manner of ritual sacrifice, gory battles for land, incest and the forced conversion of nonbelievers or I’m not watching a fourth.

Watch Angels: Local 437 at LifeforceTV.com.

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