Omg wtfbbq r u totally kewl enuf 2 totes be a scene kid? I’m not. Do you have over a thousand friends on myspace? I don’t. Is your Stickam presence enough to create a new cult following? Mine isn’t. Do you get confused by the idea of mixing an Emo a Hipster and a Preppy with a Hello Kitty/Gloomy Bear-loving, cupcake-eating, androgynous whitey who might be 15 but probably isn’t older than 25 that was pooped on by a Skittles Rainbow? This stuff blows my mind.

If I were to tell you that Scene Kid Love is a NSFW online series about the group of people listed above would that cause you to shrug your shoulders and walk away muttering under your breath something to the effect that this isn’t for you? Don’t.

Writers and producers Adam (Scott Franklin) Paranoia and Stevie Ryan have created something great here that is surprisingly accessible to all, regardless of your social media presence, haircut, and wardrobe.

Scene Kid Love is full of themes and conflicts common to everyman – bad parenting, unwanted pregnancy, pregnant men, attempted murder, following Jesus – you name it. Our hero, Hilton Suicide, a horny, self-absorbed, booger sugar-imbibing webizen falls in love with an underage scene girl, Sceney Sceneable, who’s like a Tila Tequila on whatever drug the Teletubbies are smoking and easily gives it up for a prominent place on his MySpace friends hierarchy.

Darn the luck, Sceney’s mom, Sceney Momable played deftly by Chris Crocker…wait a minute…did I mention that Chris Crocker, Youtube demigod of Leave Brittany Alone fame, is in this? Well he is and he’s hilarious. Anyways… Sceney Momable finds out about Hilton and Sceney’s escapades and turns him in. Things just get worse from here.

Other cast members include: Tony Stockert as Jeffree Kitchen, Sarah Merrie as Kim Waves and Rich Dorato as Showdown throwdown (whose favorite Bible verse apparently is: Ezekiel 23:20 – “she lusted over lovers who’s genitals were like donkeys and whose emission where like horses”). They are all believable characters who parody all things mainstream online social scene well.

The creative workings of Adam and Stevie do a great job of keeping things interesting from episode to episode with witty writing, absurd situational comedy, and great dialogue.  Each segment is under three minutes and will easily hold your interest. There are eight installments so far and with several months gone by without number 9, fans in the YouTube comments section are crying out for more.

Yeah, this is good stuff. Don’t let the opening ramblings of this article (or the show) scare you off as this series works on multiple levels for all, scenies and nonscenies alike.

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