For an internet famous individual who gained his stardom by combining The Running Man, The Urkel, and The Elaine into a laughably bad dance performed in front of exotic backdrops, Matt Harding has spoken at a lot of conferences (by comparison, you don’t see Soulja Boy or these dudes on the conference circuit – you do see Judson Laipply, but that’s because it’s part of his job).

I was in the audience at ROFLcon when the 30-something, former discontented video game designer and international traveler sat alongside Tron Guy and recounted how happenstance online celebrity and starring in a big budget commercial for Stride gum has and hasn’t changed his life. His candor, ability to tell a great story, and everyday I-can’t-believe-I’m-famous-for-this?!? vibe made him instantly likable. After hearing him speak, you understand why he talks in front of crowds as much as he does.

But reciting the same shtick has got to get boring, so in a recent talk at The Entertainment Gathering in Monterey, California, Harding decided to come clean. He confessed he’s no everyday, normal guy, but a seasoned actor with access to sophisticated robotics experts, green screen specialists, and costume designers, and finally revealed that Where the Hell is Matt is an elaborate hoax.

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