Josh’s Top Five Ways to Get Women: 1) Become a famous rockstar. 2) Become a vampire. 3) Start the BEST SITE EVER about web shows and original online entertainment Become a famous actor. 4) Be Don Draper. And tied for 5) Become a douchebag and/or Kill a lot of people (Note: In no way do I condone those last two).

It’s morbidly sick and twisted, but some very confused ladies think serial killers are hot (which can be okay, but ONLY if you’re talking about Dexter). In fact, it’s more than some very confused ladies. The exact number lies somewhere between “too few to merit a Wikipedia page” and “enough to have an acronym.” That acronym is SKG – Serial Killer Groupies

Why they do it (Romance fantasies? Celebrity status? Hybristophilia?) is any criminologist’s guess, but they’ve been doing it for a while. SKGs have an infamous history with the media and mass murderers dating back at least to Rosalind Bowers‘ infatuation with Henry Theodore Durrant (who brutally murdered two women at a Baptist Church in San Francisco) in the 1890s.

Since then (among many other amorous incidents), Carol Anne Boone had Ted Bundy‘s baby while he was on trial for murder, Scott Petterson received marriage proposals within an hour of being put on Death Row, and new media studio 60Frames released a “dysfunctional family comedy” with a SKG as the star. It’s good. 

Created by Joshua Sternin and Jeffrey Ventimilia and produced by Mike Farah, Overkill is the story of Henry (Brendan Brandt), a gangly, unassuming boy next-door with sideswept bangs who looks like a graduate from Hanover Academy and horribly out of place on death row. 

The police think he’s behind a series of murders where he stabs, burns, beats, garrotes, asphyxiates, poisons and dismembers his victims (hence the series’ name). Carrie (Allison Munn) may or may not know better, but it doesn’t matter because they have a connection

I would normally blame the SKG thing on bad parenting, but here Robert (played by Tom Arnold in what’s possibly his best performance since Soul Plane) and spouse make it seem like there’s no way they could’ve raised this little girl wrong. My favorite part are Arnold’s facial expressions that so accurately portray his character’s fatigued resignation that his baby’s all growns up and his sphere of influence is all but deflated. Well, that and when the cop keeps vomiting after seeing a filleted (or microwaved) corpse.  

The series is only four episodes long, with a new installment dropping every week. Though if it gets the views (or a possible sponsor likes what it sees), there’s always a chance for more. Check it out at Along with the online studio’s other recent series, Val Verde, this is definitely one to watch. 

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