664 – The Neighbor of the Beast recently wrapped up a 20-episode season of pseudo-Satanic mayhem. The series features married couple Arthur (Arthur Laurie) and Tracy (Tracy O’ Connor), who have just moved in to 664 Styx Road. Which is the house next door to Lou. Which is short for Lucifer.

Their first day in their new home is Halloween, so there’s some confusion about the costumes and non-costumes, but the nature of the living situation eventually becomes clear: Their neighbor is the devil, and there’s a lot of baggage that goes with this type of suburban community.

664 begins on a clever note when a legitimate demon child and/or a kid dressed in a Freddy Krueger costume comes to trick or treat at Arthur and Tracy’s door (the young actor, uncredited, gives arguably the best performance, though it’s limited to about a half-minute). Drawn into the drama, we’re left to wonder when the pleasant homeowners will realize their gross misjudgment in real estate (the street name should’ve tipped them off) and what they plan to do about it.

The series’ arc, for the most part, hobbles along in a state of perpetual suspense, cued mainly by the 3 to 5 note, semi-ominous-but-not-too-scary background music. If you’re looking for horror, look elsewhere. Like Will Carlough’s Blood Brothersr, the demons in 664 are far more human than evil, struggling with universal emotional issues.

The show is essentially about the subtle wackiness that ensues after melding bourgeois life with an extraordinary neighborhood standby and lighthearted, fire and brimstone mythology. Said wackiness ranges from local teenagers – not from the Girlscouts, but on behalf of Girls Empowerment of America – knocking on Lucifer’s door to collect $20 bucks, to the climactic drama built around Tracy and Arthur’s teenage daughter and Lou falling in love.

Directed and produced by George O’Connor of Lazyhorde Productions, one imagines 664 features his friends and actors from the community. There is a good about of verisimilitude to the acting and the environments. The dialogue rarely fails to entertain, though Arthur really hams it up at the conclusion of season one, when he says of his daughter, “I guess she’s finally running with the devil.” But those obvious zingers can be forgiven, and even enjoyed.

Catch all episodes of 664: The Neighbor of the Beast and see the Devil’s lighter side at Lazyhorde.com.

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