If you’ve ever wanted to watch a handful of classic and terrible horror flicks, but haven’t found the time, FEARnet‘s 66.6 Second Film Festival is for you.

In the last five minutes I’ve seen The Exorcism of Emily Rose (court rooms + exorcists =/= entertaining), Candyman (woah young Virginia Madsen!) and Evil Dead II (which, I’m now ashamed to admit, I’ve never seen).

Hosted by Powerman 5000 frontman, aka Rob Zombie’s baby brother, aka Spider One, the series is like a shorter, bloodier, cheesier MySpace minisode network.

In each installment, Spider introduces a movie that the savvy editors at FEARnet have edited down to a little over a minute, then cues the Rob Zombie jingle. Over the next 66.6 seconds we see pivotal scenes from the film as my uncle from Long Island (I do not have an uncle from Long Island) plays the role of narrator and explains the on-screen action.

My favorite is Leprechaun in the Hood. I love me some Ice-T and Warwick Davis.

Check out all 10 miniaturized horror movies at the brand new FEARnet.com.

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