I wonder what Amber Lee Ettinger – aka Obama Girl – is going to do after November 4th. Thanks largely to Ms. Ettinger’s tight shirts, and partly to the whimsical political satire with which she is associated, Next New Network‘s Barely Political delivered over 13 million views in the month of August, and it’s on pace to see even higher view counts in October.

But those numbers can’t possibly sustain themselves post-election. Come the second week in November, political bloggers, comics, production companies, and websites are going to have a helluva hangover before witnessing a downturn so sharp it will only be rivaled by the ‘cratering’ of our economy. Once it’s politics as usual, the vast majority of those invigorated by the ultramarathon that was the 2008 Presidential Race will go back to their lives as usual. I’ve watched C-Span, I know. Elections are intriguing. Politics is boring.

So…what’s Ms. Ettinger going to do? Well, if Obama wins, I’m guessing she’s set with at least four more years of regularly produced sketches lauding the president and his campaign, a sprinkling of national television appearances, and a steady line of fanboys at ComiCon autograph booths. If McCain wins, maybe she can go on the talk show circuit with her Palin impression, fill in for Tina Fey on SNL after people finally start watching 30 Rock, and/or become Geraldo’s regular comic relief:

Err…maybe not. For the sake of funny, let’s hope Obama becomes president.

(via Urlesque)

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