Dustin McLean is the second best thing to happen to music videos since the pop up.  The award-winning animator and musician (who currently brings Josh Fraure-Brac‘s scathing pop culture commentary to life on Current’s Super News) recently said “how it would be funny if the lyrics of a song just sang what was literally happening in the music video.”  He was right.

With a voice that captures all of Morten Harket‘s highs and lows, McLean remixes a-Ha’s Take on Me with lyrics befitting the action:

Given the video’s popularity, expect more to come soon.

But, what’s the best thing to happen to music videos since the pop up?  Buffalax.

The pseudonym for the 20-something Mike Sutton of Dayon, Ohio, was made into a verb after he geniously subtitled Hindi language, Indian music vidoes with English lyrics. So, what’s the catch? Sutton doesn’t speak Hindi.  His translations are purely phonetic, derived from what he thinks the singer’s words sound like.  The entertainment appeal comes from the obvious misinterpretations.

I’m not sure what a McLean-Sutton collaboration would look like, but I know I want to watch it.  Someone needs to put these two in touch.

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