Channel 101 co-founder Dan Harmon and longtime 101 vet Ryan Ridley are at their best in their calamity-ridden, emotional powerhouse of a web series Water and Power.  The two play mid-level employees in a strait-laced branch of local government in charge of the city’s utilities.

In the last installment, instead of an absurd Aristotelian tragedy, Dan and Ryan are greeted by the Renaissance men of the Water and Power Important Cases Bureau – SNL’s Andy Samberg and Human Giant‘s Aziz Ansari.

It’s one of a few times, if any, the two have been back on Channel 101 since transcending in the realm of mainstream popularity.  Samberg’s OC spoof, The Bu was a hit on the site way back in 2003, and Ansari’s classic Shutterbugs was a fan favorite in NYC in mid-2005.

I like thinking that Samberg was in LA for a weekend and called up Dan and said he’s been starring in moderately not-that-funny sketches on television for the past three years and wanted to do something HYSTERICAL again, so Dan was like, “Come on over!  The internet is so funny right now!”

Hopefully it wasn’t a one-time thing and he and Aziz got a jonesin for the web that they won’t kick for a while.

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