Internet pop culture show, Epic Fu left its home at new media studio Next New Networks for new diggs last June. Now, two more NNN networks have left the company to either be put out to pasture or search for greener ones.

Newteevee reports that the comic book talk shows of Pulp Secret are on hiatus as the network hasn’t attracted enough of an audience to continue in its current form. While NNN is “actively working on Pulp Secret to see if there’s a way to releaunch it,” amiable supergeeks Alex, Pete, and Justin can be found waxing superhero wisdom on the Comic Book Club on their own YouTube channel.

That’s also where you’ll find Joshua Micah Marshall’s Veracifier. The political show helmed by the online pundit of Talking Points Memo fame changed its name to Talking Points Memo TV and permanently moved to its channel on YouTube. “They wanted to own us,” Marshall told PaidContent, “But we didn’t want to be owned. We wanted to stay independent. So we amicably parted ways.”

NNN is still trying to figure out and define how new media’s newfangled studio system operates. Founded by esteemed cable television vets, NNN is doing an excellent job of finding tomorrow’s talent and giving them the tools, environment, exposure, and salaries necessary to create great content (without an opportunity at NNN, Erick Beck might still be a temp at a loan office in downtown Oakland, not the star of a DIY film network).

But working with established shows and personalities seems to have proven more difficult. In a space where the cost of distribution is negligible, the cost of production is low, and an ever-increasing amount of third party ad networks are vying to help you monetize your content, it’s understandable why known names would forgo the access to the Next New Networks infrastructure and opt to take the indie route. (Though, taking that route doesn’t in any way mean they’ll be better off. Jamison’s at Streaming Media West right now leading a panel on how difficult it is for independent new media producers to achieve success.)

NNN isn’t going to make bank off licensing shows like Talking Points Memo, anyway. It profits the most from popular shows it fully owns featuring stars the company’s created. In that vein, Next New Networks co-Founder, Tim Shey told NewTeeVee they have “roughly a dozen new shows currently in development.”

That’s in addition to a new series that will debut on debut on Indy Mogul this Thursday – The Best Short Films in the World.

Every Thursday, writer/director and stop-motion animator extraordinaire Bobby Miller will show viewers the best short films in the world (that ideally include tips and tricks the creators learned by watching Indy Mogul‘s other shows).

Not a revolutionary concept (Channel Frederator‘s been doing it with cartoons for years) but an obvious extension of the indie filmmaker network, which will give viewers a formal shot at showing off their wares, and NNN a shot at finding its next star.

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