Heavy is hurting, at least according to Vallewyag. The tech-focused gossip blog reports that the fratacular, teen-and-early-20s male-focused video site is looking for a buyer as its investors plan to refocus their energies and resources on the Husky ad network.  This comes after July layoffs and a civil lawsuit filed earlier this week by the nonprofit Center for Science in the Public Interest.

The CSPI is troubled by Heavy’s latest installment in their reenactment-of-a-popular-tv-show series, where the stars are recast with actors all belonging to the same niche community.

First we saw geriatrics with stunted vocabs in Over the Hills.  Next we watched ladies who could eat Carrie Bradshaw on the way to a dinner date act like ladies who lunch in Flex and the City.  And now a small cast of men with dwarfism play Hollywood’s favorite faux celebrity crew in Tiny Entourage.

It’s funny, but that has less to do with the Eric (Mark Munoz), Drama (Joe Childs), Turtle (Pancho Moler) and Ari’s (Joseph Griffo) stature, and more to do with how perfectly the production mimics the real deal and how intentionally terrible Vince (Leif Manson) delivers his lines…when he can remember them.

You’d think there might be some Retarded Policeman-like controversy surrounding the series, but that’s not what the Center for Science in the Public Interest is upset about.  They filed the civil suit because of the show’s sponsor – Sparks.

The CSPI claims Heavy and MillerCoors are trying to sell the caffeinated alcoholic beverage (fun fact for protective parents: research “shows that drinkers of caffeinated alcoholic drinksare more likely to binge drink, ride with an intoxicated driver, become injured, or be taken advantage of sexually than drinkers of non-caffeinated alcoholic drinks”) to juveniles.

It also doesn’t weigh well for Heavy that the drinking in the show could be considered outside the realm of “responsible consumption” (as we learned from Tiki Bar TV, that’s a big no-no).

The series has already disappeared from Heavy.com – a search for it directs you to the Burly Sports Show – but you can still watch it via the embed above.  Check it out before it, and possibly Heavy, say goodbye.

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