Ever have trouble with the ladies? So much that you’ve had to jump out of a window, swallow your keys, or suffer brain damage? Sure, these things may be painful to experience, but as the hit web series Casanovas demonstrates, they sure are fun to watch.

The comedy series follows the misadventures of two obviously-eligible bachelors, Kip and Geoff, doing whatever it takes to find some action. Unfortunately for their libidos, the action they find tends to be more of an ironic nature, rather than a sexual one.  

These scheming men, at least fifteen years older than their maturity level, seem to have a decent understanding of the game – they just aren’t the best players.  As the tagline goes, “Even when girls are easy, these guys make it hard.”

Kip is the commitment phobic (or didn’t really like his girlfriend of five years) straight man and Geoff is the womanizing funny man who’s always a couple tricks shy of being a ladies’ man of Mystery proportions. Following the classic teen angst / men will be boys formula, hilarity ensues.  

But Casanovas’ near-slapstick, flexible plot diverges from shows who have traveled similar paths and often transforms relatable awkward situations into bizarre farcical ones, such as Episode 9’s slow progression from sex tape into peculiarity.

This fast-paced, beautifully candy-colored, unrealistic portrayal of the dating world is the perfect medicine for getting over those love/lust frustrations we all encounter.  

Casting girls that looked like they walked off the pages of Maxim (and a cameo by Carson Daly) doesn’t hurt in getting viewers, but what truly will win audiences over is the show’s rocksteady acting.

The two co-creators, seasoned comics Kip Madsen and Geoff Bunch, are incredibly comfortable with both their characters and each other, and the comedy clearly emanates from a healthy mix of well-thought out ideas and plot lines sprinkled with random acts of weirdness.  The weirdness continues even into the credits, with slo-mo fun exhibiting excessive sunblock use, or bringing sexy back with snorkels.

This calibur of comedy is what you’d expect from a twosome with combined credits from MTV, SpikeTV, NBC, CBS, Sci-Fi, and even the Playboy Channel’s Totally Busted (“a hidden camera show that has a very high sexual energy” that I hadn’t heard of before, but totally want to see now).  Hats off to the director Casey Casseday as well, for a crisp style and exquisite production quality that all the men and ladies can enjoy.

Catch a new episode every week at Casanovas.tv until the 13-episode, first season concludes on September 22.  

While many self-help books out there can guide you with tips on what to do in the dating world, I highly recommend tuning in often to Casanovas to catch up on what not to do.  And tune in if you like being entertained.  This is one web series to watch.  

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