It goes without saying, I suppose: the purpose and promise of democratized media is the multitude of perspectives that emerge.  Until recently, we relied on the big guys to tell the story of national politics.  And with this Democratic National Convention, as with all those that have preceded it, established media has plastered the same, staid convention imagery before our eyes: politicking, pundits, color-schemes, false promises, pomposity.  Political parties and their conventions  are ostensibly devoted to exploring solutions to our nation’s problems, but who has time for issues when ostentatious facades are being erected all about. 

When the conversations becomes about the shiny event and the tactics intended for it’s entranced beholders, the real issues are relegated to the passions of the unknown and unloved protesters.  Alas, we all know unattractive people without salivary control aren’t newsworthy.  Fortunately, however, they are Gnoozeworthy.

The Gnooze, which we covered once earlier, was created by two seasoned news professionals that realized they were just too smart and ironic to cover local news with a straight face.  Their sardonic take on the issues not tackled by real news is refreshing, to say the least, and they’re coverage  behind the fence of the Democratic National Convention provides more context and insight into the national dialogue than any coverage I’ve seen elsewhere. 

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