How cool (and probably NSFW unless you’re wearing headphones) is this? 

Yeah, I know it’s old news.  You probably saw it when Boing Boing shouted out to it last year.  But what I didn’t realize then (and what Nick pointed out) is there’s a whole group of SCAD, RISD, and super cool art school students like Jarratt Moody with font fetishes and mad design skills creating entertaining typographic delights at the end of every semester. 

A writer with a great idea for an uber-short-form web series who wants to forgo actors, sets, and crew in favor of serifs, color tones, and an audience using its imagination should find someone with a degree or equivalent experience in Broadcast Design and Motion Graphics to create the blogeratti’s next favorite show.

Here’s some inspiration/free research/two of my favorite typography videos I found on YouTube to make sure you realize the potential:

From motion designer Brian Cain, the above scene from Wedding Crashers is the best video in the genre I found after watching far too much typography and font-related entertainment.  I love the nicely set table that springs up when Vince Vaughn says “dating.”  Excellent way to make sure the text is the focus, but not confining. And it’s too cute!

Above is the video for an Alex Gopher track made by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet.  Neat, not my favorite, but shows you the potential of typography as a stand in for physical space and that there’s no need to limit its use to two dimensions. 

So, there’s at least a brazen if not golden idea for a web series.  Be sure to let me know when it launches.  

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