Not to be outdone by Her Majesty and a centuries old relic of a governing institution, the office of Britain’s Prime Minister recently launched its own online video channel.  Number10tv (so named because that’s the Prime Minister’s home address) is meant to provide the kingdom’s subjects with speeches, media events, and archives.

So far that means the office of Britain’s Prime Minister has discovered that the internet’s a good place to distribute photo/video opportunities featuring Gordon Brown that no one would want to watch anywhere else.  Except for when he saves animals from Harry Potter books.  Everyone loves stuff like this:

Oh! I was thinking of Thestrals, not Kestrels.  Still, it’s a cool looking flying thing from around London, but ridiculous that it’s the best video of the bunch.

1) There should at least be a comprehensive archive of Prime Minister’s Questions and 2) Gordon Brown and Britain’s House of Commons would do well to watch their regal counterparts’ online video initiatives. 

The Royal Channel has a fantastic mix of history, current events, animals (Aside: You need to click on that one. The Queen has her own Swan Marker? Costitutional Monarchies are nuts!), and pop culture to satisfy any denizen of the UK, anglophilic foreigner, or insomniatic blogger.

And why doesn’t the White House have a channel like this?  An easy access repository for Presidential-related archival footage, current happenings at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and human interest stories? Right now, the closest thing I can find is the Barney cam, and that channel sucks. 

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