Because Americans (the wealthy one percent!) everywhere (New York and Los Angeles!) seem to be enjoying these oh-so-glorious times of economic disparity, why not build a website around it?

Why not illuminate all the frivolous, ostentatious, and profligate happenings in such blessed American lives so that unblessed Americans (especially our impressionable youth culture!) can get some real perspective on just how good it is to be uninhibitedly rich.  That’s what the nouveau rich do, right? 

Well, that’s what Richard Nouveau (nouveau riche, get it?!) must have been thinking when he created Pocket Change, a webseries that chronicles “the most expensive” anything on the gilded shores of New York and Los Angeles.

For the unabashedly pretentious and self-proclaimed “master of wealth,” nothing is off limits. Even name-dropping Norman Mailer serves as a commodity in Mr. Nouveau’s commodities-fueled site that also serves as home for the genius/sad dating services Natural Selection Speed Date and Sugar Mamas Boy Toys.  So if you’re a rich, embittered cougar looking to score some sexy ass half your age, or silicone-loving stud with Napoleonic complex, Mr. Nouveau can hook it up for reals.

What can one find on Pocket Change? Well, as the site’s name suggests, Pocket Change brings everything decadent a mere mouse click away; so that during this carefree period of economic crisis and consumer pessimism, one might put his excessive spare change (it’s just lying around, anyway) to good use.

Foie Gras burger on your lunchbreak? Pocket Change brings you The Most Expensive Hamburger. Planning a wedding on the Nassau-Queens border of Long Island? Pocket Change brings you The Most Expensive Ice Sculpture. The Most Expensive BLT, The Most Expensive Bloody Mary, The Most Expensive Beer. Get it?!

And there are strippers! Behold: The Most Expensive Naked Sushi. At $500 a head, horny hedgefunders, entrepreneurs, and some random dude who works for the department of sanitation…ummm… sit down to a banquet dinner with a nearly-naked-toro-flecked female resting languidly across the center of the table. The Gentlemen promptly dig in. Now, if that doesn’t say classy, I don’t know what does.

But don’t get your panties all tangled in a feminist twist, ladies, there’s stuff for us, too! Like The Most Expensive Facial! The economic recession has only made us feel worse about our bodies – just ask female vacationers in the south of France – so what better way to get confident than with a ridiculously expensive, bank-breaking facial!?

Pocket Change also doubles as a sort of sex & love diary for bloggers and innocent civilians ambushed the morning gafter Halloween by resident Pocket Change correspondent, Jeremy Abelson. And, um, this section of the site is kind of awesome.

Watch with great delight, as Jeremy practically follows an NYU student into her building, “Is this the walk of shame?” gets cheeky with some weird girl in like, a Rinaldo jersey, and royally pisses off a nurse…who, um, is actually a nurse.

But the best interview in the vid involves two dudes from Long Island, who, in the waking hours of Sunday morning light must drive back. “We’re part of that bridge and tunnel crowd,” they tell Jeremy. Nice recruiting, Abelson.

I’m sure Richard Nouveau’s fellow Princeton compadres would be thrilled to share the Most Expensive Cab Ride back to Roslyn with these two guys.

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