The internet is home to a fickle audience. You’re only as good as your next hit and no good content producer goes unpunished.

Show us something worthwhile and we want to see more. NOW. Or tomorrow. Or next week, tops. But any later than that and you’ve made us mad and we’re not clicking back (or at least not until MSNBC tips us off to a sweet new video you produced).

So those Tom Cruise impersonations and James Franco classes are great and all, Funny or Die, but we need another OMG-you-gotta-watch-this blockbuster. Something that makes us fall in love with site creators Will Ferrell and Adam McKay all over again and reminds us to come back and visit on a regular basis. Something topical, probably election related, involving a pop culture icon acting out of character.

Yeah, this will do:

Chris Henchy – the “third leg of Funny or Die’s entertainment stool” and Mr. Brooke Shields – collaborated with McKay and director Jake Szymanski on this stroke of genius. It comes less than a week after John McCain compared Barack Obama to Paris Hilton in one of a series of Republican smear ads that make Obama look less like an inferior politician and more like our lord and savior.

The creators make excellent use of the McCain is old theme and do a fantastic job of elevating Paris’ presidential bid to the next level. They also accomplish the incredible feat of presenting Paris like something more than a vacuous receptacle for unfounded, inconceivable Middle American affection.

That’s also the only bad part of the clip. Paris looks kinda likable, which makes me feel kinda icky.

Wow, Funny or Die. So you created something that’s hysterical, unexpected, and induces mild discomfort?! That’s a combo that will keep me coming back for more. Well done.


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