Every Tuesday, the staff at Tubefilter News picks out three shows that we think you should watch.

This week’s picks are:

The Rascal

The Rascal is brilliant for simple reasons. The premise is funny, the characters are well-written, and the overall humor is unapologetically campy. Check out the greyhound meth in episode 7. Seriously.

Happy Tree Friends

This delightfully twisted series pushes the definition of NSFW; in fact, it’s NSA (Not Safe Anywhere). Each episode starts off pleasant enough, but death and chaos aren’t far behind. The best part of the series is how unexpected it is; no matter how familiar you are with the show, each episode is a delightfully nauseating surprise.


Cockpit is a comedy about the employees of Mile High Airlines and what really goes on behind the cockpit door. They hate to fly and it shows.

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