Considering they’re only a couple 20-sided dice away from being live-action role playing games, it’s amazing that Renaissance Faires are as popular and prominent as they are, with multi-colored canvas tents popping up in the summertime all over the USYou’d think they’d be havens solely for D&D geeks and nerdy actors with affinities for Elizabethan English and shouting dated exclamations and enough disposable income to afford the period clothing (aside: this combat armor looks sweet)But then you realize they serve grilled turkey legs, have faux knight fights, and showcase other fun novelties from the early Renaissance without any of the street sewage or fear of dying from the Plague. Take all that into account and the fact that nearly every woman wears a corset and you can begin see the more mainstream appeal.

Accessing that popular love for times of yore while targeting the Faire subculture is just what one creator of the hipster-centric web series The Burg and The All-For-Nots is aiming for in another online original show, All’s Faire.

Created by Thom Woodley (who’s one half of Dinosaur Diorama Productions and new to the Ren Faire scene) and Bob McClure (who plays Jed in the The Burg and Thom tells me is a Ren Faire expert), the show stars a cast of characters familiar to whomever watched the ironic, slacker stylings on The Burg or The All-For-Nots.  It’s a Wet Hot American Summer-esque spoof with a “we need to save the Faire!” narrative.

Only the trailer’s available now, but a website with more video teases should be up and running within a couple weeks. We’ll let you know. With this premise, cast, and crew, this one’s got potential. Hazzah!

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