In case you missed it, a couple days ago Jesse Jackson turned to the host of the Fox News program on which he had offered political commentary and said — referring to the presumed Democratic presidential nominee — “I wanna cut his nuts off.” 

What Jackson didn’t realize is that he was being taped…even though he was in a TV studio, but that’s another story.  Apparently, Jackson is upset because Obama, in his opinion, talks down to black people.  Fair enough.  I understand the expression.  I don’t think Jackson has any intent or desire to actually disfigure the most hopeful politician in a generation.  He’s pissed, but we already knew that.

What’s amazing is the media hype that followed, and the apparent discomfort felt by veteran journalists in conveying Jackson’s sentiments.  23/, a “progressive news hub where outraged people go in order to get more outraged before going to have dinner at Nobu” highlights the absurdity of the media blitz surrounding this stupid statement and, more so, the stiff, puritanical, and out-of-touch approach of traditional media. 

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