Urbandictionary defines "bush league" as "Below good standards, not good or incorrect. Pitiful, poor, terrible, awful, bad, sucky."  Also, "unawesome."  (It’s been a while since I played an organized sport, so I had to look it up.)

Launched in mid-May, Bushleague.tv is blog created by entertainment studio DECA and produces articles and original videos with the lofty goal of providing men with funny and advice on breaking into the porn industry, punking friends, and hosting poker games, etc. etc.  It’s sort of like a DIY Man Show without the homophobia, which, if I remember correctly, was basically all the Man Show was, plus busty girls on trampoline.  And that dude that could down a stein in one gulp

I digress.  The audience for Bush League is geekier than that of the Man Show, with regular segments on comic books and computers.  So, geeks and popped collars, you’ll find accessible video content updated updated frequently with a clip or two everyday.  Unfortunately, it’s not always riveting. 

Take, Fixed or F*cked, a series feauturing a geek explaining an absurdly uninteresting computer problem to a Bush Leaguer who makes contrived references to porn in order to keep up the whole humor thing.

When their humor doesn’t work it is usually because of their premise.  It’s tough work to be hilarious and informative in each small clip, and a lot of the time Bush League falls short or relies on breasts as an entertainment option.  A recent video about hosting a poker party offered the insightful statement: "You cannot have grown men in public and not have an assortment of cold beer."  Much like the Man Show, the weakness here is that men who enjoy eating big sandwiches, drinking beer and playing poker, probably would not enjoy watching a show about it. 

It’s telling that the highest rated clip is "How to Break into the Porn Industry," which features actual porn stars and is the edgiest I’ve seen the site go.  A run of the mill, less risque clip of a  guy riding a surf board attached a jetski is way less entertaining. 

Bush League is at it’s best when they give into sillier impulses.  "How to Bush League a Bush League Baseball Team" had me cracking up despite the banality.

The crew at at Bush League are neither the geekiest nor the manliest, but despite the shortfalls noted above, they’re definitely more charming than most.  They’re a creative crew and if they narrow their narrow their efforts to amplify their strength (shameless silliness), I think they could make it to the pros.  I.e:

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