Young American Bodies is like that MTV series Undressed, except young adults replace the college kids, varying degrees of hipster replace more obvious archetypal characters, and actual nudity replaces tight clothes. The soft-core soap opera bubbling with self-indulgence is the product of independent filmmaker Joe Swanberg and sexy online magazine

Alongside Sex Advice From… and other Nerve originals, Young American Bodies debuted in the Summer of 2006. In the past two years, the series has gone through two 10-episode “seasons,” been downloaded millions of times, and attracted cable one cable network to produce 12 more episodes.

Following Wilfred the Pot Smoking Dog as the second series in its The Internet! is Always On! campaign, IFC released the Young America Bodies season 3 premiere. (Warning: There’s some guy/girl action.  Light petting.  Sans shirts.)

###Swanberg told Fleshbot that he found a lot of the Chicago-based cast on MySpace and then developed the show around their lives and stories. The real-people premise coupled with long takes and awkward silences creates a series where the interactions within this web of 20-somethings feel uncomfortably natural.

Maybe that’s why I don’t love it. The series watches too much like actual Williamsburg, Brooklyn relationships I try to distance myself from. When it comes to seeking entertainment based on the type of culture I live in, I much prefer parody.

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