There’s a scene in Der Untergang – a critically acclaimed German/Austrian film about the final 10 days of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany in 1945 – when the reviled leader of the Third Reich concedes all is lost. I don’t speak German, and I haven’t seen the actual movie, but Bruno Ganz’s portrayal appears riveting.

I wouldn’t have thunk it, but the scene’s prime material for parody. Scott Lamb pinpoints YouTube user DReaperF4 as the genius (or at least the guy who posted) a Spanish-language subtitled version where, instead of the Allied Forces, Hitler gets totally POed at his generals about a new flight simulator game. Teh internets Hitler meme was born.

Remixes followed. There’s been Hitler hating on paparazzi. The Downfall of the New England Patriots. Hitler gets banned from Xbox Live. The end of HD-DVD. And an especially poignant Hillary’s Downfall.

Like Jenna says, it’s a revelry of outrageously odd juxtapositions, and my favorite is when making fun of the Fuhrer comes full circle, and Hitler finds out he’s a meme:

Excellent use of internet famo references – Star Wars Kid, Chad Vader, Chris Crocker – and lingo. And great eyes on Mike at inside Online Video for finding this one.

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