The technorati fell in love with iJustine when she strapped a camera to her head and showed them her life. The internet became enamored when AT&T sent her a 300 page iphone bill. And Carson Daly got smitten at the Consumer Electronics Show in January and again as a guest on Tom Green.

In fact Justine Ezarik (that’s her real name) had such an impact on the waifish headliner of NBC’s Last Call, that he totally requested to her to host The Really Big Internet Show. According to Variety, it’s “a daily five-minute webcast that will feature the day’s most talked-about original online videos.” produced by Daly and Madison Road and scheduled to start this July.

I give it ‘til late August…Halloween tops. Site unseen and despite wrangling an entourage of prominent YouTubers (Happyslip, KevJumba, Brookers) to back-up cute as buttons iJustine, there’s no reason to watch. Though old and new media keep trying, this concept has never been a hit.

Wrapping something as easily accessible as YouTube clips in a pretty package doesn’t entice viewers enough to watch. In order to keep viewers tuned in, you must either have A) some serious added value or B) show people what they wanna see but haven’t discovered yet. Unless iJustine can drop witty criticisms with ZeFrank-like regularity, or get tapped into what’s about to go viral, The Really Big Internet Show ain’t makin’ it big at all.

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