Again, Jay Smooth is on point. This Democratic Primary season has overextended its welcome. It’s gone on for sooooooo lllllooooonnnnnggggg that neither candidates nor news organizations have anything new to say, and the media’s drowning in a murky sea of election results and prediction analysis that gets deeper and less navigable as the process drags on.

If I could pop a few Waitmates and wake up in late August to hear Howard Dean announce whoever the smoke-filled room decided would be the Dem’s nominee, I would.

But those wonder pills don’t yet exist and, unfortunately, you can’t splice together an entertaining montage that condenses the future like you can for the past. In seven minutes (that’s not exactly Mahalo-like efficiency, but it’s still short), Slate takes you on a informal yet informative, speedy tour of the Democractic Primary season thus far:


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