TBS' Super Deluxe to Fold into Adult Swim

By 05/07/2008
TBS' Super Deluxe to Fold into Adult Swim

Just two days after TBS’ Super Deluxe released the first part of Brad Neely’s tour de force, China, Il., Turner announced that it’s folding the online comedy site into its broadcast television brand equivalent, AdultSwim.com. Paidcontent has the internal memo:

“Our management of the Turner Animation, Young Adults & Kids brands requires us to always look for efficient, strategic ways to grow them. In Super Deluxe.com and Adult Swim.com, we have businesses whose potential for individual growth is limited by their increasingly complementary content. Rather than position them as competitors for the same audience, the smarter move is to consolidate the two brands to create a richer, stronger platform that builds on Adult Swim’s number-one position with young adults.”

It makes sense. One of the most successful shows on Super Deluxe – Tim and Eric Awewsome Show, Great Job! – is repurposed from Adult Swim, and the rest of the site’s content library – including The Maria Bamford Show, Bob Odenkirk’s Derek and Simon, Layers, Professor Brothers, and Baby Cakes, and excluding Norm MacDonald’s Fake News – are almost guaranteed to be favorites (if they aren’t already) with Adult Swim’s “edgy,” young audience.

###It’s a mystery why they weren’t one on the same in the first place.

Still, it’ll be sad to see Super Deluxe go. Along with NBC’s DotComedy and Comedy Central’s Motherload, it was one of the first major online video efforts backed by a big old media brand, and has produced some of the best online originals (listed above) to date.