I knew it wasn’t Dane Cook. He’s soooooo not funny. David Cross was a decent guess, but he’s way too busy thinking of new ways to propagate joy and mirth or defending terrible career choices. So who the hell is this Donnie Hoyle? Who’s the sensitive depressive in a floundering relationship with mad image-altering skillz, at the stylus of a 10-part MyDamnChannel series that reminds us all how much You Suck at Photoshop?

A Big Fat Institute. Or more specifically, Covington, Kentucky’s Troy Hitch and Matt Bledsoe. Josh Quittner of Time has the full story on how the pair left the ad industry to set up their own shop of “advanced interactive experiences,” fell in love with MyDamnChannel CEO, Rob Barnett, and went onto create the best technical how-to on the web.

Surprisingly, on the eve of being outed, and despite having a cult hit on their hands, Hitch and Bledsoe have decided to put You Suck at Photoshop on hiatus, at least for now. The declining emotional mess that is Donnie has gone into hiding, but as one geek-centric satire draws to a close, another just starts to level up.

RPG-addict, friend, and fellow-guild member Sn4tchbuckl3r is so distraught and disturbed by Donnie’s disappearance that he enters Peopleburg, a 12-step program for online gamers…that’s also an online game.

That contradictory premise is the funniest thing so far about Sn4tchbuckl3r’s Second Chance (aside from him being called Sn-fourtch by another gamer that doesn’t speak l33t), but I have high hopes for the series. If anyone who’s not Felicia Day can make gamer culture, key commands and avatars interesting, it’s definitely these guys.

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