It seems like all the sudden people realized that lunchtime was primetime for internet-video and began clamoring to associate their shows with a midday in-cubicle respite. 

Welcome LunchBox, the new video offering of, created with For Your Imagination, that aims to be the "daily guide to what’s happening in music, film, in politics, as well as IFC and all the cool stuff happening online and in [their] own media lab." Is there anything this show won’t cover?    

It’s got a tight, professional, MTVish and whimsical feel, and a variety of camera-friendly hosts, but I worry that the concept lacks focus.  We’ve seen the most successful shows pick narrow niches and hone in; this one risks dilluting a specific brand or competiency by attempting to cram all of IFC into one five-minute series. 

###Perhaps IFC should begin the process of creating an online video presence by developing many IFC-niche series, the first of which should focus heavily on the interesting MediaLab, IFCs independent film studio focusing on web and on-air content development and financing. 

LunchBox is hosted on a semi-custommized Brightcove player with disabled embeds, so if you want to watch the show, you’ve got to go to them.  This is a pet peeve.  Why alienate potential viewers?

As Quincy Smith, President of CBS interactive has smartly noted, "We can’t expect consumers to come to us. It’s arrogant for any media company to assume that.” 

A nice start for IFC.  With some tweaks, this could be a hit. 

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