If I were to sift through all traditional media brands and pick out the one with the strongest web legs, I think it would be Jackass.  Short-form comedy of a decidedly sophomoric bent that appeals to young males and has lots of room for ancillary, interactive extras is, perhaps, not just what the web needs (after all, we get our share of idiotic ridiculousness on the web) but it’s a sure-fire concept on which I am willing to bet big.

Alright, here’s the obligatory clip of a Jackass exposing himself to senseless danger to whet your palette before some sick analysis…

Jackassworld.com is one of a host of emerging highly branded entertainment websites being launched as part of Viacom’s new web strategy – to create hundreds of narrowly branded entertainment websites under their parent brands.  Other Viacom television hybrid sites include SouthParkStudios.com and TheDailyShow.com.

This is a strategy we’ve observed among many successful Internet-TV brands, like Next New Networks and Rocketboom.  Video has become only one component of the new entertainment product.  Media companies are beginning to recognize that they can capture added value by driving users towards interactive experiences around the media and characters that users already know and love.

Looks like Jackassworld is off to a good start with wacky pictures, community chat, user-submitted videos and a shop.  And to jump-start the launch, Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam Margera, and other members of the sordid crew will be programming a full 24 hours of MTV over the weekend.  Platform synergy at its finest.

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