Bloomberg is hardcore. The award-winning financial data, news, and computer systems service and provider started by the potential soon-to-be presidential hopeful is geared towards the rabid capitalist who needs an intravenous tap into the markets.


Through its 10 networks in seven languages, the company has created a ton of video content that, starting with the just-launched CEO Spotlight series, it’s now beginning to dissect and distribute on the open Internet. But unless you’re a “Master of the Universe,” you won’t be watching. Seeing in-depth discussions with executives about market opportunities isn’t riveting unless analyzing in-depth discussions with executives about market opportunities is your job.

For your average Joe and Jane Investor who need more attainable financial analysis, there’s the newly revamped CNN Money.




According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, editor Chris Peacock sees some value in this newfangled internet.  The site’s makeover puts an emphasis on video, noting that the “The future of business television is online,” and lunchtime is the new primetime.

“The audience for business and finance information migrated online very quickly. They’re at their desks. They’re an at-work audience. We have a footprint to reach more people through our distribution than I think the classic cable networks can.”

To back up his bet, Peacock is upping production on the site from two to 15 or more original videos each day. Up-to-date business and financial news is a valuable commodity, and delivering it in a searchable, on-demand format on the web beats having to watch a linear TV program that recycles the same content every half hour.

Whether it’s Bloomberg’s CEOs talking in-depth or CNN Money’s more accessible market overviews and eye candy, pushing business video in front of people who spend their time in front of computers makes a whole lot of sense.

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