Video games have come a long way since  Nintendo’s oldschool Super Mario Brothers and Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog.  Nowadays, it’s hard to find a video game that isn’t brimming with 3D graphics or complex character avatars – not to mention the global interactivity of MMOs (massive multiplayer online games, which allow hundreds or thousands of players to simultaneously cooperate and/or compete with one another via the internet).

Riding the tide of these current gaming crazes, the folks over at Next New Networks have decided to launch Total MMO Update, the first online network for MMO news, tips, strategies, reviews, and interviews. Written and edited by Southern California-based host Abra Chouniard, the podcast has been pulling together resources from around the gaming world since June 2007 to help MMO fans get their game on.

Though it will sometimes feature other games like Lineage and Everquest, Total MMO Update primarily revolves around the ever-ubiquitous World of Warcraft. You know, the fantasy role-playing game that has raked in at least 9 million online subscribers worldwide and has become a staple of almost every guy’s college dorm room in the last few years. 

Each week, Chouniard imparts helpful and detailed tips and strategies for WoW gamers or directs them to informative sites/blogs that further spill gaming secrets. She’ll also provide updates on regional competitions, the latest in graphic design/content, and game-related news (such as New York Senate’s crackdown on video game violence).

And, if you’ve “pwned” someone lately in a game and captured it on video, Chouniard wants your viewer submissions to be featured on the site. There’s also a Total MMO blog that accompanies the video digests with even more gaming news, reviews, and points of interest – all presented with a casual, unpretentious, and laid-back vibe.

Never played World of Warcraft before? Not really sure what an Orc is either? Don’t worry. Occasionally, you’ll see a non-fantasy MMO game thrown in here too, such as this uber-cool Korean hit: Freestyle Street Basketball.

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