Kingston, New York-based and founding graphic designer Mark Greene began Pecos Design in 1994, going on to produce marketing, packaging, and online content for companies like Verizon, Compaq, LGS, and Toyota. As a diversion in early 2004, he began a series of workplace cartoons featuring Stinky, the “Nasty Little Office Man” on a then little-known site called Stinky Toons. Within the year, the site was picking up major industry awards for some of its funniest episodes. It went on to become another internet comedy phenomenon.

Starring Stinky the Nasty Little Office Man and Flossy the Pubic Hair as offensive and unlikable characters, prone to doing offensive and unlikable things, Greene’s cartoons are hilarious bits of political and cultural satire, delivered in two to ten minute Flash-animated episodes. Take “Shopping at the Big-Mart” for instance (which won the grand prize at The Greatest Story Never Told in 2004 for exceptional Flash animation). Hungry and depraved as usual, Stinky makes a late night run to an obvious Wal-Mart send-up for some processed American cheese. Not only is the animation deserving of top honors (check out the cheese refrigerator), but the writing is outstandingly funny. Since new videos appear once every few months, there are still only a handful of episodes available after several years of publicized hilarity.

They’re all so funny. The office humor is great, but I’m a bigger fan of Flossy the Pubic Hair’s travails at the Republican National Convention (which, as you can imagine, has something of a Democratic tilt) and the one random live action short that Greene produced for the site called “Propissterol EQ”. If you’ve ever squinted and rolled your eyes at the television while watching nonsensical medicinal drug commercials, this video is for you.

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