Launched in November of 2005, More Input Show was the generic, somewhat faulty website’s first of six vlogs and it featured near-weekly updates. With several vlogs in various states of abrupt disarray like Even More InputSpinput, Drive-In(put), Football to the Groin (which is funny, but not as funny as Kicked in the Nuts), and Under the Table, More Input Show served as the connecting flagship site for unemployed vloggers Mike and Greg. But it seems that Mike and Greg have found themselves jobs, since no further installments have been uploaded since October 2006.

Unscripted but with a guideline, Mike and Greg sit down with a cigarette and some Gatorade to discuss the week’s ongoings at “The Simpsons,” Nintendo, Intel, and sci-fi serials. The production value is obviously low-budget since one of the duo’s biggest selling points is their lack of gainful employment – well, that and the fact that the “set” is lit by a fluorescent light bulb. There are occasional graphics and comic segments, but the bulk of the show is filmed in a single unmoving shot and episodes range from 10 to 20 minutes in length. Each episode tends to be as good as the last. So if you’re interested in any of the topics Mike and Greg discuss, you’ll probably feel kinship with their awe-inspiring knowledge of geeky current events. Everything is on a shoe-string budget, but their humor makes up for the standard-issue webcam that they use in place of a digital recorder. The site is now neglected with some links, videos, and sibling vlog sites not functioning at all. There is no doubt that this blog is a weekly hobby made to be fun rather than successful or financially rewarding, but part of the show’s charm is how often they admit that.

Their podcast for the week of August 21, 2006, sums up what Mike and Greg are all about: fun, geekdom, gaming, computers, and being unemployed.

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