Trekkies unite! If you’re hankering for more Captain Picard, Spock, and Geordi La Forge, welcome to yet another excuse to live long and prosper – Star Track, a futuristic, deep-space series created by Montreal-based writer and director Christian Fauteux. Started as a “complete joke” in November 2001, the Star Trek spoof has gotten serious enough over the years to create storylines, sets, and original CGI effects with increasing complexity. The folks over at took note in April 2007, awarding a Silver Warp Core Award to Golden Media Studios, the production company of Star Track and other projects like Space Astronauts…In Space! and Hiroshima Lightning. In the spring of 2007, Fauteux and his team reincarnated their long-running series, Star Track: The Next Hesitation, under a new name – Star Track Idomo Phase 1.

Star Track chronicles the adventures of Captain Tremblay and his crew as they travel through space on their ship, Idomo. The Star Trek connections are so blatant that even the most passive fans of the original will be able to point out and appreciate the various sendups.  Fauteux didn’t even bother to significantly alter the names of many of his characters, such as science officer “Smock,” “Geordie LaForge,” and “Analogue” (though he’s no Data). Crew members have their own weird accents and distinctive quirks. Tremblay, for instance, is deathly afraid of forks, a weakness that is amusingly exploited during his capture by the mysterious Cardassians in episode 20. Other examples of the show’s fantasy-humor edge include episodes 18 and 17, in which killed-off characters conveniently come back to life thanks to the cloning powers of the Insane Geneticist. Most episodes are 10-25 minutes in length, and recent seasons are laden with surprisingly decent homemade CGI effects. This ain’t Pixar or Lucas, but it’s no backyard production either.

For more Golden Media Studios productions, check out their side projects: Hiroshima Lightning, a kung-fu parody with characters who occasionally make cameos on Star Track, and Space Astronauts…In Space!, an “archival” series about astronauts who blow up asteroids.

Watch the original pilot episode of Star Track here. Yes, they’re actually using a beer bottle for a spaceship. Now compare with episode 19 here. They’ve sure come a long way…both in terms of production quality and sobriety while filming.


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