As the name would suggest, Foxxy News is a send up of various programs on the Fox News Channel. The hosts include a rotating collection of Playboy models, actresses, and those aspiring to be one or the other. Foxxy News’ motto, “Fair, Balanced…and Hot!” succinctly captures the spirit of the site, which seems to have been on again off-again since late 2005, despite the promise of new anchors and new programming posted every weekday. 

Part of the ironic pleasure of Foxxy News is that none of the commentary is actually witty or insightful. Whereas most left-wing news programs are extensively researched, Foxxy falls back on pretty women in outfits that are just revealing enough. Nearly all installments run one to two minutes and generally tend to focus on the hosts’ assets, rather than pressing news stories. Many of the anchors of both past and present, resemble hosts from familiar news program. Viewers will find titles such as the news spoof “The Weekly Update,” “Dr. Phyllis,” the self help program, and “The O’Really Factor.” In addition to the dedicated Foxxy Sports offshoot, other segments include news on everything from Nascar updates, weather and ex-boyfriend reports, to Senate Minority Whips. In the case of “This Week With God,” the site is actually mimicking the segment “This Week in God,” a popular series on the Daily Show, itself a fake news show and avowed enemy of Fox News. Apparently no subject is safe from the Foxxy News programmers.

The problem with a fake news show that isn’t updated constantly is that timely jokes don’t stay funny for long (try watching old segments from SNL’s Weekend Update). Thus, stick with the less temporal segments. Episode 7 of “This Week with God” depicts Ms. McKay vividly describing her sexual fantasy involving a well-known deity.

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