Written, directed, and produced in a small Los Angeles living room, EpicFu, formerly JetSet Show, was created in June 2006 by the independent vlogging team at Smashface Productions, which is operated by two of the show’s executive producers Zadi Diaz and Steve Woolf. Its creators say the vlog is for “the happily immature person in all of us.” That used to mean a show geared towards teens, but now the show is merely teen-oriented, offering an array of cool and unusual finds in each episode that would appeal to any age group. With today’s savvy youth culture in mind, the show features interesting subject matter while attempting to create an online community of intelligent, discerning teen viewers.

What’s new with robot tech? How do you get to be a professional videogamer? Who’s hot in martial arts? With subjects ranging from bottle rockets and Harry Potter widgets to lists of all-time bestselling musicians and Che Guevara regression, Jet Set’s weekly episodes explore a broad range of material with a mix of interviews, history lessons, short films, puppet newscasts, instructional demonstrations, vintage clips, and documentary-type reportage. Teen vloggers like Shauna from Scriggity and Josh from Hey Josh volunteer their vlogs to be segmented and featured on the show as correspondent segments. Original related articles are occasionally posted along with the usual list of topical links after each episode.

The interviews, like this one with the EMC Monkeys, are the best. The Monkeys are a martial arts troupe that combines traditional moves with acrobatics and physical comedy. Another noteworthy interview is the one with Fatality, a professional gamer. They’re engaging, atypical, and short enough for the ADD Generation to enjoy in its desk chairs.

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