Matt Kirsch, who plays Glen on the show, has been writing the sitcom Duder since it began in August 2006. It’s his motley crew of New York friends who make the show possible from the director and the musician down to the acting and web design.

This show about Ricky, Zev, and Glen, three guys (dudes, if you weren’t catching on) living and screwing up in Brooklyn is a rollicking good time. Full-length episodes run about 10 minutes long, while the Duder-logues last only 2-3 minutes. Duder-logues are short-form testimonials where the characters describe themselves in a revealing monologue, sometimes about coming out of the closet, sometimes about God and bowel movements, and sometimes while watching neighbors have sex. Duder’s humor can best be described as Seinfeldian, but with pro bono acting rather than $10 million-per-episode paychecks. (If you don’t believe me, watch the third episode, where a girl rejects Ricky because he didn’t say “Bless you” the third time she sneezed, which is followed by a discussion by the three duders about “sneezers,” “sneezees,” and whether diarrhea is an act or a material product.)

The show has some really funny moments. Kirsch’s writing is at its funniest in a shorter, punchier format, so the Duder-logues are my personal favorites. What works so well in this brief moment where Glen’s roommate Judy watches, psychoanalyzes, and all-around judges their neighbors while they have get it on is its perfect brevity.

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