Robert Hamburger’s 13 year-old alter ego gave the world a whole new insight into the secret life of ninjas with Real Ultimate Power. The wry parody of these Japanese spy-assassins spawned a pirate-hating, ninja-loving internet craze, and plenty of copycats. With Ask a Ninja, Los Angeles improv comics Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine of Beatbox Giant are picking up right where Hamburger left off. Started in November of 2005, this hysterical look into an otherwise super-secret society is one Q&A you do not want to miss.

Standing in front of a solid backdrop, with no props except for his own lethal two hands and the occasional shuriken, the Ninja answers viewer questions on everything from physics and gift ideas to podcasting and the The Perfect Storm. Quick cuts and fast-paced editing move the Q&A along nicely, complementing the ninja’s quick wit. Educating the ninja-curious with his elaborate explanations and fanciful analogies, the Ninja is almost like a Will Ferrell replica cloaked in black, set in the “on” position, and left free to entertain.

Net Neutrality – the idea that internet service providers grant you access to all websites equally, don’t favor certain websites over others, and don’t force you to pay to have your site on the web – is an issue worth becoming involved in. Ask a Ninja is doing their part to spread the word. Look at Special Delivery 4 to get a great explanation of what’s going on.

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