Creator and producer Mark Pritchard – producer of cinematic feats like Riding with James Dean and Pyscho Sushi – released the first episode of sex-themed 1TrackMind on August 8, 2006, with host Annie Mackay. After being the sole comedienne for four months, however, Annie departed, leaving Danielle Stewart and Lou Santini to co-host the show in her wake. Both Stewart and Santini are professional standup comedians whose talents mesh well with the show’s joking format. Ever since Miss Kitka left KitKast for sci-fi endeavors in April 2006, the vlogosphere’s been lacking a stimulating sexual side. It looks like 1TrackMind might be able to fill the void.

While the site bills itself as a sex comedy show, it’s more like a low-budget “Daily Show” about sex. Co-hosts Danielle Stewart and Lou Santini bring much-needed life to the series with their antagonistic banter (“We’re all impressed that you have a smooth Ó@Ó&, Lou.” “Your breasts are impressed. Good.”), which feels less scripted than former-host Annie’s one-liners. Interesting sex stories from all over the world – from sexy clubs at Columbia University to Japan’s air sex competitions – are delivered in a somewhat weekly format that never lasts more than five minutes an episode and always end with an interesting factasm. Starting in November 2006, the Blog & News section was energized by a new writer, Lara L, who writes daily content either about the site or sex stories that the podcast didn’t have time to discuss.

I’m a bigger fan of the recent episodes with Lou and Danielle than I am of the older episodes with Annie. While there are still a lot of cheesy jokes, there’s more improv now and the current co-hosts have a more natural delivery than their predecessor. It’s also more fun to see a sarcastic male and female team in front of the camera directing their jokes at both sexes than it was to see one busty girl in a tank top with a lot of blush trying to sexxxily deliver sexxxy news. On the other hand, that does depend on your point of view for obvious reasons.

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